Magna Motors was founded in 1974 with a clear mission and vision to dominate the Automotive Sector. In 1977 it acquired South Korea’s flagship brand, Hyundai.

In 1996 Magna sought to expand its portfolio, focusing all its efforts on quality, service and brands of high recognition worldwide and acquired the Harley Davidson brand as exclusive distributor in the Dominican Republic. In 2010 they added two more brands of motorcycles, Bajaj and Kawasaki which both have a successful track record and are recognized worldwide as having quality products.

In 2011, Magna began its representation of MINI and BMW engines, the last two are brands of the BMW group that represent technology, quality and prestige.

Magna successfully represents all these brands in the Dominican Republic, which demonstrates the company's vision of being a transportation solution option in all countries where it has a presence, focused on high standards of quality, service and innovation.

The Magna Group began its expansion plan in 2014 with the representation of Hyundai passenger and commercial vehicles in Jamaica and in 2016 they launched in Central America with the representation of the Bajaj brand through the UMA Group. In March of 2018 the company set up in Guatemala City as the exclusive distributor of Hyundai Trucks and Buses nationwide.

Magna, as a philosophy and investment policy, has a sales, service and guarantee structure for each of the brands it represents, complying 100% with the guidelines thereof.

One of the most important references to highlight our company is the leadership in sales of the Hyundai brand in the Dominican Republic, being # 1 in sales for 10 consecutive years, making it the first country outside of South Korea to achieve such an important feat. In Jamaica, Hyundai is the fastest growing brand in the last two years, focused on being # 1 in service and sales.

Our goal is for Magna to be a holistic facility for our customers, saving them time and money. Because at Magna, we believe that customers are for life.