Have successful business operations, surpassing the expectations of our shareholders, represented brands and other partners, with a strong commitment to society and the environment. We guarantee our clients a high-quality service, through an excellent management of the relationship with the client and a dedicated and motivated human capital.



Become a Regional Conglomerate with leadership in the automotive industry in South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Continue to grow through the introduction of brands with worldwide recognition, highlighted by technology, administrative processes, efficiency and qualified human capital.



Leadership Culture

Observe the rules of behavior, shared practices, attitudes and common beliefs, to effectively take advantage of our strengths and manage our weaknesses to position our brands as market leaders in their segments.


We are committed to offering an excellent service to both our customers and our employees, providing an environment that fosters growth and development in our organization.


Adherence to justice in all our business practices, for our clients, shareholders and employees.


We are dedicated to achieving our objective of adding value to the services we offer, beyond expectations, through continuous improvements.